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SmilingNaturalSistah_(427x640).jpg What is “Emotional Wellness”? 

Emotional wellness is the ability to fully embrace the joy and love of life through managing the dips, turns, and unanticipated events that we encounter on our journey of living.  It’s the ability to be flexible and have a willingness to learn new things and adapt to change.  It’s having the capacity to create balance between work, play, rest, activity, and the ability to build and maintain fulfilling and satisfying relationships.  Those of us who are emotionally well exude self-confidence and have a positive sense of self and a healthy self-esteem.  We have a zest for life, have the capacity to laugh and have fun and not take life too seriously and enjoy a sense of contentment.  The ability to sustain this emotional health and well-being is what we call emotional wellness.  These positive characteristics allow us to actively engage in life and enjoy meaningful, productive activities and foster healthy, positive relationships.  These capacities help us to cope with stress and anxiety when we are faced with life’s challenges. 

African-Americans have inherited the capacity for “emotional resilience” in our mental and emotional health as a result of our ancestors, fore mothers and fathers ability to survive enslavement through transcending suffering, brutality, inhumanity, familial loss, and the loss of freedom.  Emotional health essentially means that we have the ability to spring back from adversity, trauma, and stress.  Our ability to recognize our emotions and express ourselves appropriately aids us in reducing the risk for depression and anxiety.  Our ability to utilize the tools necessary for coping with adversity while maintaining a healthy outlook and positive attitude is in fact our resilience for people of color.  Lastly, it is critical to have a strong supportive network of confidents and friends you can call upon for support and encouragement so sustain your emotional resilience in difficult times. 

How can I obtain emotional wellness?:

  •  Being Self-aware
  • Self-manage your behavior and responses to tense, difficult, or challenging situations
  • Be socially aware
  • Be able to engage and self-manage your feelings, behaviors, and responses in your relationships with significant others

 How can I sustain emotional wellness?:

  •  Have an ability to quickly reduce stress
  • Be able to recognize and manage our emotions
  • Be able to connect with others using nonverbal communication language
  • Be able to use humor and play to deal with challenges
  • Be able to resolve conflicts positively and with confidence
  • Be able to stay focused in the present
  • Choose your arguments, not every issue is worth arguing over
  • Be able to forgive
  • Be willing to terminate conflicts that can’t be resolved
  • Get physical exercise
  • Get enough rest
  • Be of serve to others
  • Practice self-discipline
  • Manage your stress levels
  • Try not to worry
  • Spend time with friends and family
  • Take time to travel and explore new places
  • Indulge in your creative spirit
  • Become part of a social support group that interest you

As a spiritual people and community of faith, our greatest gift is our life.  What better way to show and demonstrate our appreciation and love to our higher power and beloved deity by honoring our physical body temple and being proactive in taking care of our emotional and physical health.  Let’s take care of our family, friends, and community by first taking care of ourselves.

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